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IPS Community Suite 4.5.4 Nulled

IPS Community Suite 4.5.4 Nulled

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IPS Community Suite 4.5.4. This is a maintenance release to fix bugs.

Additional Information​

  • Changed follow pruning to not prune member follows.
  • Changed deprecated phpredis zSize alias calls to use the proper zCardmethod call instead.
  • Optimized the Legacy Parser (used in 3.x upgrades and conversions) when it's used more than once in one process.
  • Clarified content anonymization option on Member REST API delete documentation.
  • Clarified visibility option for feed widget blocks.
  • Optimized the prune IP Address process.
  • Updated Mapbox API calls to be compatible with newer Static Tiles API.
  • Reduced MySQL query count in some areas.
  • Losing merged topics now redirect to the winning topic when accessed via search engines, bookmarks, etc.
  • Removed 'unread' dot from messenger list since it did not behave consistently with other places in the suite.
  • Added a support tool and upgrader check to verify that InnoDB tables are not using Compact row format.
  • Added some canonical tags for SEO purposes.
  • Added the ability to rebuild historical posted content to change the 'rel' attributes of links.
  • Added a missing language string present in certain form elements asking for time intervals.
  • Applied a change to prevent Ezoic preventing the Marketplace login process.
  • Applied limits to CSS width, height and border-width properties for posted content to prevent page layout concerns.
  • Reduced overhead when using S3 with a PNG favicon image.
  • Fixed an issue where attachments are not properly claimed for status updates.
  • Fixed an issue where newly submitted content may appear unread initially.
  • Fixed an error resending failed emails from the email error logs.
  • Fixed "someone linked to your content" notifications sending duplicates when editing the content containing the link.
  • Fixed an issue where edit log history may show that entries are pruned after "-1 days".
  • Fixed an issue with certain templates that caused them to always be flagged as modified in every release.
  • Fixed an issue where theme setting changes could take affect in the AdminCP.
  • Fixed an issue with tag URLs that contain ampersands (&) in the tag.
  • Fixed an issue with the database checker adjusting database indexes.
  • Fixed an issue where reported content shows as unread if there are no item markers stored for the member.
  • Fixed an issue where disabled registrations prevented new users from being able to set a local password.
  • Colors for active pagination items have been updated to use the pagination_active theme setting.
  • Fixes an issue where caching prevented an updated resource image from being displayed.
  • Fixed an error with large files that have extremely long filenames.
  • Fixed an error when S3 buckets have a dot ('.') in the bucket name which resulted in broken download URLs.
  • Fixed an issue where uninstalling plugins would not clean up block manager configuration.
  • Fixed an issue with the permission matrix where checking an entire column also checks disabled checkboxes.
  • Fixed an issue where old image proxy URLs may not properly return a 410 Gone response to search engines.
  • Fixed broken links to comments that have been promoted on the Our Picks page.
  • Fixed an issue with the main navigation bar support link in the AdminCP that may launch the support wizard in the last saved step.
  • Fixed an issue where the JS controller auto-loader may not work.
  • Fixed a layout issue when managing advertisements in the AdminCP.
  • Fixed a minor grammar issue present when configuring club moderators in the AdminCP.
  • Fixed some minor broken HTML tags in club headers.
  • Fixed an issue where in extremely rare cases, the MySQL database password may be included in debug information for administrators in the AdminCP.
  • Fixed an issue where some streams incorrectly state there is no more activity to view.
  • Fixed an issue where dropdown menu items could not be re-ordered.
  • Fixed an issue where links to new items in personal messages could be incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where Redis could consume a lot of memory on busy sites.
  • Fixed an issue where announcements with a far past date could cause an error.
  • Fixed an issue where the per content item moderator approval permission would not apply correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where dismissing an AdminCP notification may not take effect until the page is refreshed.
  • Fixed a missing upgrader language string.

  • Adjusted default archiving configuration for Community In The Cloud customers.
  • Fixed an issue where search index permissions may not be updated correctly when toggling "can view other topics" setting.
  • Fixed Archived Posts throwing an error when a newly archived post is in Our Picks.
  • Fixed per-forum themes not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where long Hidden Reasons in posts would cause an overflow.
  • Fixed a missing javascript confirmation when clicking "Mark forum as read" from within a forum.
  • Fixed "Most Votes" forum sorting option being presented in non Q&A forums.
  • Fixed an issue where moved topic links, merged topic links and deleted topics and posts were counted in ACP statistic graphs.
  • Fixed an issue where merging topics would not update the topic summary.
  • Fixed an issue where topic and post 'by forum' statistics could time out when there are numerous forums.
  • Fixed an issue where the URL for the latest comment in an archived question would show an EX0.

  • Fixed an issue where long strings such as code blocks may stretch the page layout in databases.
  • Fixed an issue importing databases with multiple upload fields.
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnail settings for record images were lost when importing a database.
  • Fixed an issue where comments have padding removed after editing when comments are linked to a forum.
  • Fixed an issue uploading some images as record images in Pages using Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to have more than one unique field left empty.

  • Restored a task that helps keep PayPal billing agreements in sync.
  • Added an option to manually check PayPal billing agreements for any missed transactions.
  • Fixed an error attempting to downgrade an expired subscription.
  • Fixed an issue where the VAT number input would show as required.
  • Fixed an error checking out using PayPal and Braintree in certain configurations.
  • Fixed an error using an Upload field type as a custom customer field.
  • Fixed an issue where active subscription badges could appear on top of menus.
  • Fixed broken HTML in the "Featured Product" widget.
  • Fixed possible timeout when applying discounts to high values.

  • Fixed an issue with weekly recurring events that recurred less frequently than every week.

  • Removed the ability to renew a paid file when the member cannot download the file.
  • Fixed an error adding custom fields if Commerce is not installed, or if paid file integration is disabled.

  • Fixed an issue where the link to albums was missing from new image email notifications.
  • Fixed a performance issue with the Gallery when clubs are enabled but set not to show throughout the community.

  • Added 'edit name' and 'edit reason' to posts converted from phpBB.
  • Fixed an issue where converted phpBB word filters may be too greedy.
  • Fixed an issue where banned members were not banned after conversion from phpBB.
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IPS Community Suite 4.5.3
Latest Changes


  • Fixed an error when upgrading from IPB3.
  • Added a safe search option for Pixabay.
  • Upgraded CKEditor to 4.15.
  • Set highest compatible Elastic Search version to 7.6.2
  • Fixed a potential JavaScript error when the "Maximum image dimensions to display" setting is set to blank.
  • Fixed an issue with certain type-ahead fields, such as the "Allowed file extensions" setting in the AdminCP.
  • Fixed an error that can occur with certain URLs during the image proxy removal background task.
  • Fixed an issue where guests are able to post in public clubs.
  • Fixed an error that can occur when attempting to join a club that requires rules to be acknowledged.
  • Fixed missing Club Members page pagination.
  • Fixed an issue where a user can reach the change password page under Account Settings by visiting the URL directly even if they are unable to set a local password.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicated HTML menu IDs could lead to moderating an unintended review or comment.
  • Fixed CSV Chart Export resulting in an CSRF error.
  • Fixed license key expiry notification "Check Again" button producing a CSRF error.
  • Fixed an upgrade error that can occur with certain table prefixes.
  • Fixed an error when exporting members with custom fields.
  • Fixed an error setting the default application if no existing application is set as the default.
  • Fixed an error running the UTF8MB4 conversion step from the AdminCP.
  • Fixed an error that can occur when very long status updates or replies are rebuilt following the 4.5.x upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where posts outside of the current topic could show in the popular posts section of the new topic summary sidebar.
  • Fixed the s3Delete task throwing an error if Theme resources were changed to a different file storage configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to embed external media with the allow remote images setting disabled.
  • Fixed an issue when installing/updating applications with bundled Pages Templates.
  • Fixed an issue displaying the progress for the background task that prunes large tables.
  • Fixed tasks for plugins not working in Community in the Cloud.
  • Fixed an issue where AdminCP theme resources & CSS may not be cleaned up.
  • Fixed a CSRF error when paginating through search statistics in the AdminCP.
  • Removed the ability to add a demo site to the mobile app directory.
  • Removed an invalid "Hide (user) signature" option when the user is unable to ignore a given member.
  • Fixed a UI issue with messages where the background of the header would sometimes be incorrectly colored.

  • Fixed link to "Edit Templates" when adding or editing a database reloading the page.
  • Fixed a potential undefined variable error while IN_DEV.
  • Fixed an error adding a record to a database not embedded into a page.
  • Fixed an error running the background task to remove the image proxy from Pages databases that have content fields which do not hold textual content (i.e. Date fields set as the content field).

  • Fixed an issue where clicking through tabs while configuring a custom product on an invoice may result in the group being reset.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting client notes failed because of a csrf error.
  • Fixed an error applying a tax rate to a custom package when generating an invoice in the AdminCP.
  • Added missing "Consumer" and "Business" options when entering addresses during checkout with business tax rates enabled.
  • The legacy referrals section will now redirect to the new location in the system application.

  • Fixed an issue where restricted moderators with permission are unable to view topics in forums that do not allow topics to be viewed by other users.
  • Fixed an issue where topics with thousands of replies can be slow to load.
  • Fixed a potential timeout attempting to delete topics if old invalid remote archive database credentials are stored.
  • Fixed the clearincompletemembers task locking if an old remote archive database was configured but is no longer available.
  • Fixed an issue where forums may not load in the GraphQL API.

  • Fixed an issue where linked files and screenshots may not be handled properly when submitting new versions.
  • Fixed an issue where topics with thousands of replies can be slow to load.
  • Fixed an issue with topic meta data bubbles showing the topic author as having performed moderator actions in some cases.
  • Fixed an error that can occur if an invalid post is marked as the solution for a topic.

  • Fixed a potential SQL error when upgrading.
  • Fixed an error that can occur if a blog entry is moved between blogs.

  • Fixed an error downloading video files when downloaded images are set to be watermarked.
  • Fixed a timeout issue that can occur when rebuilding Gallery images.
  • Fixed an issue where long, unbroken image names could stretch gallery widgets on mobiles.

  • Fixed an issue where editing an all day calendar event may result in the event shifting forward or backward by one day on the edit form.
  • Fixed an issue where repeating events may range on multiple days incorrectly.

Changes affecting third-party developers and designers​

  • Fixed hooks.json not being rebuilt after deleting a plugin hook.
The following items have been marked as deprecated in Invision Community 4.5. This means that while they currently work, they will be removed in a future version and will no longer receive bug reports.

  • Authorize.net Payment Gateway.
  • Web Hosting & Domain support.
  • BBCode parsing support - upgrading users will be asked during upgrade if they wish to retain BBCode parsing support, while new installations will have the option off by default.
  • APC, Memcache, Wincache and Xcache caching engines , we recommend using Redis instead.
Feature Removal

The following features have been removed in Invision Community 4.5.

  • We will no longer address any issues specific to Internet Explorer 11 and below and will not ensure compatibility with those versions.
  • ImageProxy has been removed. On upgrade, there is an option to restore the original remote image links, or direct links to the cached image which will be retained.
  • REST API 'files' response in REST API, see /downloads/files/{id}/download instead.
  • Improved password strength checks to detect password values set identically to the account username or email address and to consider them weak.
  • Improved method of encrypting certain text.
  • Improved AdminCP session handling, removing the session ID from URLs and introducing alternate CSRF protections.
  • Improved email change process to invalidate any pending password reset requests.
  • Fixed user not being prompted for two-factor authentication when signing in from a new device.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to bypass the messenger recipient count limit.
  • Fixed a niche issue where it was possible in certain configurations to view others profile field attachments on the registration page.
  • Fixed a race condition issue where it was possible to artificially inflate or reduce a user's reputation score.
  • Limited password inputs to 72 characters max to reduce the chance of a malicious user forcing unnecessary computationally expensive operations on the server.
  • Fixed an issue where AdminCP sessions may be usable longer than expected if a community receives little activity.
  • Added page builder widgets to create visually interesting pages.
  • Added support for moving comments on records between the Forums and Pages applications.
  • Added Open Graph tags for non-database pages where appropriate.
  • Tags for Manual HTML pages and Blocks now include custom phrases from the language system, with the ability to add new ones directly from the form.
  • Editor type blocks created in the AdminCP under Pages > Blocks are now translatable for communities with multiple languages.
  • Improved performance of large Pages databases.
  • Improved template management.
  • Added lazyload for YouTube, SoundCloud & Spotify fields.
  • Removed a deprecated option to use a special gateway or index for Pages.
  • Removed a hardcoded limit of 5MB for files uploaded to the media manager.
  • Changed the "Show that the message has been edited" setting to be disabled by default, to keep it consistent with the rest of the suite.
  • Fixed an issue where comment and record attachments could become incorrectly associated, or become editable by other users submitting comments or records.
  • Fixed an issue where hidden records or comments contained a wrong hide reason.
  • Fixed an issue with JSON+LD structured data which can cause Google Webmaster Tools to flag structured data for Pages database entries as invalid.
  • Fixed a potential overflow concern on the database record submission form for smaller devices.
  • Fixed an issue where records may not redirect properly when the wrong casing is used in a static friendly URL.
  • Fixed an issue where records will not redirect properly after being moved when a static friendly URL value is used.
  • Fixed an issue where externally embedded blocks do not work if "Allow community to be embedded in an iframe" is not set to "Anywhere".
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to use pagination on non-database pages.
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to set the future publish moderator permission on individual databases.
  • Fixed an issue where the task to remove unneeded sidebar blocks could become frozen.
  • Fixed an issue where the database categories block would show without a border when displayed horizontally.
  • Fixed an issue where block templates would not be set correctly.
  • Fixed an error deleting a database category that contained a subcategory with records.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate block keys may occur when a specific block key is not supplied.
  • Fixed an issue where menu titles would not correctly use database titles when set as an override.
  • Fixed an issue where ratings may not display correctly if reviews are disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the sitemap lastMod value may incorrectly be set.
  • Fixed a database error that can occur when upgrading IP.Content from prior to Invision Community 4.x.
  • Fixed an issue where title and content fields would not be presented in the "quick update" form when viewing a Pages record if they were configured to do so.
  • Fixed an issue saving Pages templates when comparing the modified template to the default.
  • Fixed an error when attempting to delete a review response in a Pages database.
  • Fixed Mention notification not sending when updating custom fields for a record while viewing the record.
  • Fixed a bug where the width/height attributes for Youtube fields in databases may not be honored.
  • Fixed an issue where number fields would reflect a value of 0 when no value is supplied.
  • Fixed an issue where a Pages database record may incorrectly appear as authored by the administrator editing the record.
  • Fixed an issue where a select field set as the title field for a database would not require the user to select a non-blank option.
  • Fixed an issue where the sitemap rebuild task could break while trying to build the sitemap for a not existing database.
  • Fixed an issue where creating and editing Page Templates would redirect to a wrong template after saving the recently created template.
  • Fixed an error that can occur in Pages databases when the page the database is on has a custom non-default theme applied.
  • Fixed an issue where the insert into post icon would show for record images even though this is not functional.
  • Removed the ability to edit topics automatically created by a Pages database record.
  • Added support for converting Blog & Blog Entry categories.
  • Added support for converting vB3/4 Avatar Gallery avatars.
  • Added support for converter Club Pages.
  • Added support for new edit name/date/reason functionality in Calendar, Blog & Downloads.
  • Added support for converting WoltLab Suite Core (3.1) and WoltLab Suite Forum (5.1)
  • Added URL redirect support for two very old vBulletin formats: showthread.php?postid=x and showthread.php?threadid=x.
  • Added a new redirect for Photopost showphoto.php URLs.
  • Added the ability to auto detect the PhpBB avatar salt/hash.
  • Improved performance for XenForo & vBulletin conversions.
  • Updated RSS import conversion methods to support new functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where converting SVG sprites from XenForo would cause the conversion to halt.
  • Fixed a missing language string when converting blog attachments.
  • Fixed current status showing HTML code.
  • Fixed an issue where you may not be prompted for a path when converting Club icons.
  • Fixed an issue where orphaned (without valid category) articles are not converted from vB CMS.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Youtube video embeds may not convert properly from vBulletin.
  • Fixed a potential issue converting inline attachments in vBulletin/XenForo where the inline position may be lost.
  • Fixed attachments and editor autosave behaviour not working correctly when using the bulk submission process.
  • Fixed an edge-case scenario where a conversion would not convert any data.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when rebuilding posts following a conversion.
  • Fixed album descriptions not being parsed following a conversion.
  • Fixed an issue where resuming a conversion that had been interrupted during private message reply conversion, would start from the first reply.
  • Fixed an issue reconverting steps using the converter developer mode.
  • Removed a duplicate language string.
  • Added ability for Forums created within Clubs to be set so that users can only see the topics they posted (e.g. for a support forum).
  • Added the dateModified property to the structured data that is produced for search engines.
  • Added support for accessing RSS feeds even when guests cannot access the forum.
  • Added an option to mark an individual topic to require moderation for new posts.
  • Exposed some additional configuration options for redirect forums.
  • Improved configuration of topic and post feed widgets to disable forums that cannot be selected.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a user may leave topics they've posted in forums with "Can view other user's topics" disabled incorrectly showing up in activity streams.
  • Fixed an issue where topics in forums with "Users can view other user's topics" disabled may still see those topics in feed blocks from the forum.
  • Fixed an issue where moved topics may result in the original forum showing as unread indefinitely if a link is left to the new location.
  • Fixed an issue where the ACP - "Popular Now" forum settings couldn't be saved.
  • Fixed an issue where splitting and merging posts may not update popular topic info correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where reputation information may become unassociated with posts when upgrading from 3.4.x.
  • Fixed an issue redirecting certain legacy (3.4.x) topic links following an upgrade to 4.x.
  • Fixed an issue where mass-moving topics from one forum to another from the AdminCP ignores the "last comment" filter option.
  • Fixed some structured data errors, particularly when forums allow ratings to be issued on topics.
  • Fixed an issue where merging links could cause an infinite redirect.
  • Fixed an error message that may display if "Post Before Registering" is disabled and a user attempts to sign in by clicking the button that shows below a topic.
  • Fixed "Start new topic" button not displaying on the index page on mobile for guests when post before registering was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where an error could be shown when viewing very old topics or the placeholder topic on new installs.
  • Fixed an issue where the pagination wouldn't link to the comments area with disabled JS.
  • Fixed deleting a member not appropriately referencing remote archive databases.
  • Removed a duplicate language string ( 'any_time' ) which can prevent translating this string.
  • Added support for accessing RSS feeds even when guests cannot access the Gallery.
  • Added a link to the group settings page and clarifying text for the "Albums" category-level setting.
  • Fixed videos not playing inline when embedded in content.
  • Fixed follow notifications being sent when a member being followed submits images to Gallery despite no notification method being set for following a member.
  • Fixed an issue with editing tags on multiple images consecutively in the lightbox.
  • Fixed EXIF metadata not being read for images in some cases.
  • Fixed a broken AdminCP livesearch keyword pointing to a setting that no longer exists.
  • Fixed an issue toggling the setting on the "show map" form for images in Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue on the ACP - Bandwidth Stats site which would result in an uncaught exception.
  • Fixed a language string clash when both Gallery and Pages are installed which may result in being unable to translate a specific language string.
  • Fixed an issue where editing tags for an image and then immediately attempting to edit the image details would cause the tag field not to load correctly.
  • Removed ability to attach files in image descriptions.
  • Added support for accessing RSS feeds even when guests cannot access the Downloads area.
  • Added new 'popular' sort option to REST API for files.
  • Added new /downloads/files/{id}/download endpoint for file downloads.
  • Added new /downloads/files/{id}/buy endpoint for generating invoices.
  • Added multiple items to REST API file response.
  • Added new category setting to determine if a file can have more than one file uploaded at once.
  • Added new 'minimum cost' setting for paid files.
  • Added new 'maximum filesize' per-group setting as an upper cap on submission sizes for the group.
  • Added ability to define where the download disclaimer shows (before purchase, before download or both).
  • Added ability for custom fields to only appear to purchasers of a file.
  • Improved the 'new version' file approval process, versions can now be moderated without hiding the existing version.
  • File topics now get marked read (for the file author) when they are created.
  • Separated new version update notifications from follows.
  • Fixed an issue where Downloads files inserted into editors using "Insert other media" would display "Unavailable" below the filename, instead of the size and download count.
  • Fixed a potential layout issue when editing a file that has screenshots.
  • Fixed attachments not being claimed in Editor custom fields for Files.
  • Fixed an issue where unapproved files could show in latest file info.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Similar Content" widget may not show as many results as configured if you disable a Downloads category.
  • Fixed an issue where moderators would not be notified of new versions requiring approval.
  • Fixed an error saving a category in the AdminCP if the option to post a topic to the forums is enabled but no forum is selected.
  • Fixed an issue where files which have a topic_id associated to it but where the topic doesn't exist anymore, would break the REST API.
  • Fixed an issue rebuilding topics for Downloads categories when using cron-based tasks.
  • Hid certain paid file settings in the AdminCP when accepting paid files is turned off in Downloads.
  • Added the ability to categorize Blogs and Blog Entries.
  • Added support for accessing RSS feeds even when guests cannot access the blog.
  • Fixed an issue where flagging a member as a spammer would hide/delete entries but not blogs.
  • Fixed an issue where members browsing private blogs could appear in the online user list.
  • Fixed an issue where club blogs could show with the wrong title when embedded elsewhere.
  • Fixed an issue where blog entries would return a wrong dateModified jsonLd date.
  • Fixed an issue where an error can occur on long comments on Blog entries when rebuilding from an upgrade from 3.x.
  • Fixed an issue where blog attachments could break the 'My Attachments' Page.
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Invision Community 4.5.0