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[NixFifty] Discord Integration

[NixFifty] Discord Integration 2.4.2

No permission to download
  • Fix an issue preventing new thread reply notifications from being sent to Discord.
  • Add the ability to automatically add users to your Discord server when they first associate their account.
  • Switch API and other URLs from discordapp.com to discord.com. This is in line with Discord's recently announced endpoint migration that will come in to effect on November 7, 2020.
  • Bump PHP version requirement to 7.2.0 or greater.
  • Bump XenForo version requirement to 2.1.0 or greater.
  • Other assorted code improvements and clean-up.
  • Allow users to opt-out of receiving specific alerts on Discord.
  • Add the ability to alert a Discord channel when resource updates are posted.
  • Add the ability to alert a Discord channel when thread replies are posted.
  • Add an icon to the option group.
  • Remove the test for WebSocket as it is no longer useful.
  • Minor improvements to the JavaScript that opens a WebSocket.
  • Throw a prettier error if the NodeJS bot isn't configured properly.
  • Handle errors from Discord’s API being down better.
  • Allow phrases to be used within alert messages to Discord channels.
  • Update bundled utils.