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XenForo 1.5.24 Nulled by 1.5.24

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XenForo 1.5.24 Nulled by
XenForo 1.5.24 Nulled by
Some of the changes in XF 1.5.24 include:
  • When importing messages from phpBB, the BB code is scanned in messages before adding the subject text to the message content.
  • When importing messages from phpBB, support has been added for entering a user name from quotes attributes.
  • MyBB does not automatically wrap links into URL tags while saving time and simply processes them during rendering. Run the message text through our autolinker when importing to process it.
  • When loading external CSS via XHR is not a prefix that may look like a data URI with a href base.
  • Trying to avoid duplicate key status while tracking a user.
  • Check the thread reply permissions in the quote action.
  • Make sure that password_changed messages are sent to the requesting user, and not to the currently registered user.
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