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XenForo Media Gallery

XenForo Media Gallery 2.2.0

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XenForo Media Gallery 2.2.0
Some of the changes in XFMG 2.1.8 include:
Some of the changes in XFMG 2.1.7 include:
  • Prevent retaining IDs in a few gallery importers related to additional albums the importer creates for organizational purposes.
  • Prevent undefined index errors when importing gallery comments from IPS Gallery.
  • Improve performance of comments widget by constraining the query to only recent comments and set a hint toward the comment_date index.
  • Prevent the audio timestamp from being hidden when displaying audio media via the [GALLERY] BB code.

The following public templates have had changes:
  • xfmg_gallery_bb_code.less
Some of the changes in XFMG 2.1.6 include:
  • Avoid errors when watermarking images and other media item tasks when the attachment data is missing.
  • Prevent an error arising from missing attachment data when generating album thumbnails.
  • Add some missing canonical tags and nofollow film-strip jump links.
  • Fix incorrect route context for media/comments route.
The following public templates have had changes:
  • xfmg_album_index
  • xfmg_category_view
  • xfmg_media_index
  • xfmg_media_view_macros
The following changes to XFMG 2.1.5 include:
  • When importing albums and pictures from vB Albums ensure that we do not double encode HTML entities and we strip BB code.
  • Prevent a template warning from displaying when viewing the news feed which contains a rating feed item for a deleted media / album.
  • Allow embedded media blocks to be aligned according to their parent container alignment (allow them to be centered or right aligned).
  • Add missing route for the editor gallery browser which meant that pagination wasn't working as expected for browsing albums.
  • Fix and change format of the exposure time EXIF data displayed on photos.
  • Add a link to "Moderator actions" when viewing a media item or an album.

The following public templates have been changed:
  • xfmg_album_view
  • xfmg_gallery_bb_code.less
  • xfmg_media_view
  • Like
Reactions: vbfanatic
The following public templates have had changes:
  • xfmg_media_edit
Where necessary, the merge system within the "outdated templates" page should be used to integrate these changes.
XenForo Media Gallery 2.1.3 Released

XenForo Media Gallery 2.1.3 is now available for all licensed customers to download. We recommend that all customers running previous versions of XenForo Media Gallery 2.1 upgrade to this release to benefit from increased stability.
Some of the changes in XFMG 2.1.3 include:
  • Use the storecat value when building the original source file location where appropriate.
  • Change visibility of overridden canBookmarkContent method to match parent
  • Remove misleading text from album creation page.
  • Add some missing moderator log phrases and ensure entries logged when category changes occur.
  • Implement RSS feeds of lists of media items for media index, category index and album index, similar to XFMG 1.x. RSS feed can be accessed by adding index.rss to the end of an existing URL.
  • Use correct icon for custom thumbnail placeholder.
  • Display the correct "noThumb" icon for media embeds.
  • When displaying the transparent "noThumb" image, generate one which is the same dimensions as generated thumbnails if the thumbnail is non-square.
  • Adjust size of delete button when editing an image note and workaround a sizing issue for the note field in Firefox.
  • When an album is inside a category, check the visibility permissions (deleted/moderated etc.) first before category permissions.
  • Fix incorrectly labelled "Manage any tags" permission.

The following public templates have had changes:
  • core_xfmg.less
  • xfmg_media_add_macros
  • xfmg_media_note_edit
Where necessary, the merge system within the "outdated templates" page should be used to integrate these changes