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  1. xFMafia

    [BS] Telegram 1.0.0a

    [BS] Telegram. Developing your own teams for the bot Telegram Two-Factor Authentication Send notifications to Telegram Disabled in settings Notification distribution from the admin panel is duplicated in Telegram Opportunities: Developing your own teams for the bot Two-step verification via...
  2. xFMafia

    (itzverified) member verification - 4.2.5

    Do not allow moderators to delete verifications when permissions are not set in ACP Do not allow moderators to verify verifications when permissions are not set in ACP
  3. xFMafia

    [SVG] Error correction 2.1.4

    BB code error correction in forum posts
  4. xFMafia

    [TH] Boo!

    Boo! Bring a festive holiday to your forum with this spooky halloween theme! Based on the popular iO Dark theme, Boo! Showcases a vibrant, clean look on your forum.
  5. xFMafia

    Members Shop - 1.2.3

    Bug Fix Fixed the bug where it might duplicate purchases when buying & redeeming items
  6. xFMafia

    Steam Profile Integration - 2.1.12

    Bug Fixes Login Handler hardened to stop the 'Validation Failed' error. Login Handler hardened to ensure user avatars are brought in when creating an account. Major performance improvements utilizing PHP 7 Major code re-factor to make future upgrades easier Cleanup routine was leaving behind...
  7. xFMafia

    (GFL) Multi-Game Servers List 4.1.7

    (GFL) Multi-Game Servers List, Looking for a server list application without the bugs? With this application, seamlessly view and display your game server information. Application queries the servers to get information such as server name, player info, map and much more. It provides easy and...
  8. xFMafia

    [BS] Regex censor 1.0.0

    [BS] Regex censor Features: Regex Step regex
  9. xFMafia

    [BS] Exclude forums from search 1.0.0a

    Features: Excluding forums from search After changing this option, you will need to rebuild the search index
  10. xFMafia

    [BS] Auto close report 1.0.0a

    [BS] Auto close report Features: Automatic report closure after issuing a warning message
  11. xFMafia

    [BS] Custom title color 1.0.0

    [BS] Custom title color Features: Set custom title color
  12. xFMafia

    [BS] Write only to administration 2.0.0

    [BS] Write only to administration Features: Limit the creation of conversation only with the administration of the forum
  13. xFMafia

    [BS] Similar threads 2.1.4

    Features: Show similar threads when creating a thread Limit similar threads Search only in the thread forum Exclude forums for similar topics Similar threads widget
  14. xFMafia

    [BS] High privacy 1.2.1

    [BS] High privacy, Features: Disabling IP logging in the entire forum for all users (action logging remains, only the IP field will be empty) Disabling IP logging by user in privacy settings Deleting conversation messages some time after sending Conversation by key (encrypted messages)...
  15. xFMafia

    [BS] Forum moderators 1.0.0a

    [BS] Forum moderators. widget for show the forum moderators. To display the widget correctly, the context-forum parameter must be passed to it.
  16. xFMafia

    [BS] Sticky first post 1.0.1

    [BS] Sticky first post Features: Sticking the first post in separate threads Sticking the first post in all forum section threads
  17. xFMafia

    [BS] Real time chat 1.0.5

    [BS] Real time chat Features: All changes occur in real time (new post, delete, edit, etc.) Editing own/all messages Deleting own/all messages Clear chat (/clear command) Command handlers Chat notifications Sound notifications in chat Chat ad above messages The username of the user who is...
  18. xFMafia

    [BS] ACP Extended 1.0.2

    [BS] ACP Extended Features: Button to add a phrase when editing a template modification and editing a template Button to add a CSS template when editing a template Color picker in template editor Quickly create extensions for classes Create extensible class hint for PHPStorm Automatic parsing...
  19. xFMafia

    Welcome, HelloiMY33t

    Welcome to XenForo Nulled Community, @HelloiMY33t.
  20. xFMafia

    AndyB - Members recently online - 1.8

    Members recently online v1.8 changes: Added 'Ignore privacy' to options page.

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